Immunity boosting during pandemic times

Pandemic Times

Immunity boosting during pandemic times

Decades have gone by, and there has never passed a lifetime that hasn’t seen the ill effects of an epidemic. The hundred-year phenomenon of pandemics has also intrigued man to even current times of COVID-19. An epidemic always leaves a remnant, famished by the ill effects of the disease’s bygone days. The gruesomeness of conditions remains the same, even in times of such technological advancements.

Situations are not variant in the present pandemic as well. Science is bewildered by the modus operandi of a minuscule virus. Scientists have been working at their burning lamps for days and months. Though clinical trials have been ongoing, not a single approved vaccine has made its appearance in the pharma. It is at these testing times that humans can go back to the basics. When vaccines and medicines are not yet developed, it is at these junctures that we see nutrition and a healthy lifestyle taking up the forefront. Coax yourself into a healthy foodie and a better athlete. Here are some health tips.

Natural anti-viral foods

Ginger, Tulsi, and garlic are some spices that have lost their exact niche due to familiarity. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of their value, Ayurveda testifies that these are excellent anti-vital remedies. Mash a clove of garlic and expose it to the atmosphere for a few minutes. A medicinal compound called Allicin is released, which has potent anti-viral properties. Boiling water with some Tulsi leaves can add flavour and herbal value to your gulp.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C 

It is a wonder vitamin that does miracles in tackling fevers and viral attacks. The addition of citrus fruits to your diet like Amla, lemon, and oranges can boost your immune system. 30 ml of Amla juice is advised by nutritionists every day.


The golden spice of South India is a rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb containing curcumin. People have it in different forms, from turmeric milk to turmeric powder. People who use these powders are said to have better Immunity.


It is a mineral that is added to supplements. The mineral is needed in the production and development of immune cells and has definite roles in the body’s inflammatory responses. Various studies have shown that zinc is instrumental in preventing respiratory infections like flu and pneumonia. This is why its significance is being explored more.


Black elderberries, apart from being a delight to the taste buds, are excellent in defending against viruses that cause upper respiratory tract diseases. Some studies show that elderberries reduce the possibility and duration of these infections.

Sleep well

Sleep well

Sleep is the precise time where the body’s metabolic rate slows down. A good nap of 7-8 hours ensures adequate rest for the body. Reduced sleep leaves the person lethargic and weakens the Immunity. So, you better dig in under your cosy blankets.

Stay hydrated

Someone rightly said, “you are 70% water.” The case is it; it is the only water that detoxifies, cleanses the whole human complexity. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water as clear water and juices can make your day.

Don’t keep the workout for another day.

A proper diet is never complete without a good exercise. 30-45 minutes of brisk walking over the treadmill or in and around the house is sufficient for the day. With the upcoming follow, along with tutorials on YouTube, workouts have become a healthy lifestyle of people. This is an excellent boost to our Immunity.


Detox body and soul

The quarantine days have led many to depression and self-isolation. In contrast, some others have found out the bright side and started discovering their unearthed faculties. Meditation is a superior means of rediscovering yourself. You will be led into a whole new world of ethereal tranquility, safe from the buzzing world. India has been the gateway for the world into the mystic Yoga that unwinds your body and soul.


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